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JOB PROPOSALS - The Perfect Door Opener

What good is having great skills if no one knows you exist?

The goal of a job search is to get your resume in the hands of hiring authorities. This is made possible by introducing who you are and what you offer through your job proposal. Many of our clients say they were able to open doors to opportunities that were closed to them before.

Compelling, Hard-Hitting Copy with Power Words that Produce Powerful Results.

The purpose of the job proposal is to communicate to the employer a specific personalized message about your immediate value to that organization. It generates interest in you from the person who counts, the decision-maker. It adds a powerful new weapon to both your job search strategy and direct mail response.

Is it unfair to make finding a job this easy? Wouldn't you like to be in a position where you finally have a huge advantage?

Research shows that our personalized non-traditional job proposals end up on hiring executives desks, whereas executive gatekeepers send cover letters and resumes directly to their Human Resources Department where only about 5% make the cut.

Key Advantages of our 2-page Job Proposal marketing letters:

  1. Addressing your proposal to the decision-maker of each company can increase your visibility, reduce competition, and create more opportunities for you.

  2. Even when your job proposals are sent to HR departments, their personnel have difficulty evaluating them as they bear no resemblance to traditional forms of resume correspondence. Within a few days they are typically returned to the decision-maker.

Your job proposal will highlight the significant strengths you offer to your next employer. It allows you to go beyond the constraints of a traditional resume by delivering powerfully worded marketing letters that showcase the benefits of why an organization should hire you.

Our unique design and creative copy integrates your experience, abilities and accomplishments to demonstrate how you can help an organization achieve its goals, now and in the future.

The opportunity for you to use our proven system to your financial advantage is huge but only if you know the right information, take the right steps and stop wasting time using the wrong methods or tactics that are far less effective.

Our job proposal marketing system consists of 3 parts. The first one is to capture your reader's attention. The second is to get them excited about your offering. And the third is to urge them to respond by requesting your resume, or to short-list you as a strong candidate by contacting you for an interview.

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To find out how you can shorten your job search significantly and how you can prepare yourself to outshine the competition, please call 800-516-2100. We are committed to excellence, integrity and 100% satisfaction.

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