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Executive Resume


Some Troubling News:

Many job seekers, having not achieved their goals, throw in the towel and give up.

Discouraged by the lackluster job market, many unemployed people have simply given up searching for work.  The Labor Department said that in any given month, more than 300,000 people give up their search for jobs and drop out of the pool of available workers because they are discouraged by the job market. -- Source: NBC News

The average job search time for mid-level managers through executives is 6 to 9 MONTHS.
-- Source: US Dept of Labor

The Top 4 concerns of most job seekers

  • Their resume is drawing "very little" interest or interviews
  • They have been in "job search mode" anywhere from 3 to 9 months
  • The loss of earnings during unemployment range from $30,000 to $72,000
  • Their greatest fear is cash flow and inability to meet financial obligations

The Good News...


YOU CAN SUCCEED in your job search campaign -- because our Resume Writers and Career Coaches will help MARKET FOR YOU!

If You Have the Commitment, the Drive and Determination to Achieve -- You Already Have Half of What It Takes To Succeed!

Career Playbook's Team of Resume Writers and Career Coaches WILL GIVE YOU THE OTHER HALF -- The Half That Will Get You Hired!


Position and Duration of Job Search

VP Sales & Marketing... Hired in: 6 weeks
Director of Purchasing... Hired in: 3 weeks
Technical Product Manager... Hired in: 8 weeks
Chief Financial Officer... Hired in: 2 1/2 weeks
IT Project Manager... Hired in: 1 week
Marketing Manager... Hired in: 2 weeks
Regional Manager... Hired in: 4 weeks
Network Administrator... Hired in: 6 1/2 weeks
Director of Sales & Marketing... Hired in: 3 weeks

Here's what our clients have to say...

"Finally, I found someone who understands and can help me with all my career needs and questions!  After struggling for months with outdated advice and suggestions, you came in and helped me choose the right strategies for my unique situation.   Thank You!"
W. L. VP Sales & Marketing

"Good news... I received a job offer and started on Monday.  The advice and encouragement you freely provided helped tremendously.  I even went into salary negotiation, focusing on the value I would bring to the position, and how the company would benefit.   I walked away with more than was originally offered, and they felt they got a good deal... a win/win scenario for both of us.  Thanks for all your help."
S. S. Director of Purchasing

"Your promptness and professionalism is exceptional.  I appreciate your advice in serving my job search needs, which you accomplished on a most friendly and personal level."
H. A. Technical Product Manager

"Just a quick note to thank you for helping me succeed in my search.  You did a great job...clearing up all the confusion and getting to the source of my problem.  Nice to know I found someone I can count on."
K. R. Chief Financial Officer

"Everything seems to be going well.   No more panic attacks worrying about my future.   I am very appreciative of all you did to help get my job hunt in top-notch condition.   I have recommended your company to others when I tell them how quickly I found my new job.   Thanks for everything."
E. S. IT Project Manager

"This is what the hiring manager said about my resume documents:  From the moment I read your cover letter and resume, I knew you were the person for the position.   The summary of what you have to offer our organization was exactly what we were looking for."
T. H. Marketing Manager

"Career Playbook gave me the confidence to take a risk and the knowledge to take charge of my work life. I feel revitalized.   I'm having fun with a job I love, and I'm making twice as much money!"
M. S. Regional Manager

"Thanks for coming to my rescue.   What a boon it was to find you on the Internet."
L. C. Network Administrator

"Thanks for helping me find the right strategy to put my career back on track.   The last time I searched for work was ten years ago.  My how things have changed!   I appreciate your professional approach to problem solving and offering advice and techniques that baby boomer's like myself can follow.  I will certainly recommend your services to others."
R. W. Director of Sales & Marketing

Finding a job is important, but finding the right job will lead to happiness and success.

Here's how our EXPERT RESUME STRATEGY can make it happen for you!

1)  Strategy... Many people believe that a resume is the most important weapon in their job search arsenal. Nothing could be farther from the truth.   Here's why.   If your resume fails, even after several rewrites, what's your fallback position?  What do you do next?  For this reason, we believe a strategy is the most essential and critical component of your job search marketing campaign.  A personalized strategy sets in motion your entire job search by clearly defining the focus and direction necessary to accomplish your objectives.   Your strategy will be determined based upon the opportunities most appropriate to your search.   Alternative strategies are also deployed but only when desired outcomes have not been achieved.

2)  Resume Writing... As a leader in the field of resume development, we know how to market your strengths to employers.   Our resume writers are exceptionally gifted in creating brief yet powerful statements of the value our clients offer to organizations.   We can do the same for you, too!   Our writers will craft a compelling presentation of your skills, knowledge and achievements relevant to the needs of your target audience.   Even during the months immediately following September 11, 2001 - when employers were "supposedly" not hiring - our clients continued to obtain top paying positions in their chosen fields.

3)  Job Proposal... The ultimate presentation package.   These impressive sales presentations have provided truly amazing results for our clients.   Our writers will prepare your customized job proposal in addition to your resume and cover letter.   Our job proposals will give you the persuasive punch you need to get in front of the right audience by communicating the value behind your proposal.  Our writers are skilled in delivering sales presentations that have provided clients' with an impressive list of results!

4)  Research and Contact Names... Skip the fatal "screening" elimination step. Why bother with the Human Resources department when you can address your resume documents directly to the hiring authority!   With the benefit of exposure to the "hard to reach hiring executives" you will multiply, exponentially, your chances of success.

5)  SUPERB SUCCESS... No other resume or career services firm can match our clients success.  NOT ONE.   Our clients succeed because we provide them with tools and strategies that are proprietary to Career Playbook alone.  When you have the strength of a proven marketing system behind you, your confidence and visibility will soar above your competition, and present you with incredible advantages and opportunities!

Perfect Match Resume System

What does it take to get interviews -- lots of job interviews?

Resumes are certainly important.  Unfortunately, they all seem to look the same.

From Web-based resumes, resumes on CD's, and off-the-shelf resume software; to traditional choices of chronological, functional or hybrid combinations printed on fancy paper -- they all tend to look alike.   Do you think this may be one of the reasons why employers give them only a cursory glance?

Most company surveys indicate that candidates generally lack the presentation skills, on paper and in person, to convince employers of their qualifications to perform the necessary functions of the job.  For this reason, companies often complain they can't find qualified people with the skills they need.

The question is, how will you stand out?

A resume can be an excellent marketing tool when directly targeted to the needs of a specific position.   We believe a great resume should contain visually compelling statements of your relevant strengths and qualifications and motivate the employer to call you for an interview.

In order to succeed in today's job market you need a distinct advantage.  Our talented resume writers and career coaches can give you the edge you need to Win The Job Search Game!

Introducing... The Career Playbook Perfect Match Resume System!   The perfect way to find your next job.   This remarkable presentation system picks up where other resumes fall short.

Our Perfect Match Resume System is tailor made just for you, and includes a
Custom Designed Resume Package PLUS Custom Designed Job Proposal!

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from our Perfect Match Resume System!

  • Dramatically increases your odds of success when applying for positions through Internet job boards, classified ads, or employment opportunities available through recruiters.
  • Can't find the right job?  Create your own!   Our revolutionary system helps persuade employers to create a new position based on your unique talents, expertise and accomplishments by highlighting the value you bring to the organization.
  • Our Perfect Match Resume System saves you time and money by accelerating your search and quickly targeting the job and career you really want!
  • We developed this one of a kind system.   No other resume firm, anywhere, can provide you with a process as powerful as Career Playbook's Perfect Match Resume System!

Want Less Competition and More Job Opportunities?

According to a US Department of Labor study, four out of five jobs filled every day are never advertised.

If you are limiting your search to only the Advertised Job Market (Internet job postings, classified ads, and recruiters) you may be missing out on some exceptional opportunities.

Publicized announcements can yield hundreds if not thousands of resume responses for a single job opening.  Although this can be an easy way to search for a job, it can be the toughest in terms of the competition you face.

On the other hand, the level of success you can achieve in the Unadvertised Job Market is extraordinary.
In fact, with the right strategy, you may be the only candidate interviewed for a position!

Let's compare the numbers.

Advertised Job Market

  • Only 20% of all job opportunities are ever advertised.
  • 95 percent of job seekers rely on the advertised job market to find employment.
  • Research shows the chances of getting a job this way are only about 6 percent.

Not only are there fewer advertised job openings, but you will find more intense competition for them as well.  Surveys have shown that many people gave up on their search for a particular job because they did not get responses to the resumes they submitted.

Unadvertised Job Market

  • Up to 80% of all job opportunities are never advertised!
  • This market is made up of jobs that are available at any given time!
  • Research shows the chances of getting a job this way are up to 85 percent!

Accessing the unadvertised job market is about creating your own opportunities.  And the odds of achieving success are more in your favor!   Although this market is more difficult to access and requires a more proactive strategic approach, the Career Playbook Team of resume writers and career coaches can create just the right strategy you'll need to succeed!

We Can Help You Find The Right Job

The ultimate goal of a job search is to find something you enjoy doing and then find someone who will pay you to do it.

Finding the right company that will provide the best opportunity to achieve your full potential is the essence of job search success.  The more you can learn about a particular company, the more you will be able to judge its potential as your next employer.   This can only happen through research.

Research and Contact Names.  We provide you with critical market intelligence on the company that best suits your job and career objectives.  Our research will not only determine the companies most interested in your skills and experience, but will also provide the names of the individuals within these targeted companies with the power to hire you!

If you have ever wished you could eliminate most -- if not all -- of the competition for the job you want, then you must utilize all the right tools and proven strategies to not only get interviews but job offers!

We Show You How to Get Hired

You could be the most highly qualified candidate for a position yet still come up empty handed.   Unless you can convince an employer of how your skills and qualifications match up to the organization's needs, you will fail to get the job offer.

Leaving nothing to chance, our writers and coaches will share with you the inside tips, secrets and techniques on how to perform brilliantly in your interviews and win over the interviewer.

Our Perfect Match Resume System is unlike any you have ever seen before.  We can help you get the results you want faster than with any other product or service.  If you want to plan, implement and execute a highly effective job search, you will need a dynamic resume writing and career services marketing firm to help you succeed.

Career Playbook will design just the right strategy to locate employers that have the jobs you want.   Our results have been superb.  If you haven't yet determined the best strategic approach and would like expert assistance, Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

Research and Contact Names

Research and Contact Names
For over 12 Million Companies!

We can provide the names of Key Hiring Executives with the Power to Say "Yes!"

Our databases contain the records of over 12 million organizations!  We can identify the names of key contacts and their titles within each organization.

The perfect audience is out there, and Career Playbook can help you reach it.  We know where your resumes will have the greatest impact and we make sure you get in front of the exact audience that wants to hear more about what you have to offer.

THE CHALLENGE -- Since the advent of the Internet you now have access to many good job openings, but so do thousands of your competitors.  No matter how distinctive you think your resume is, the number of applicants that have access to job listings is so extensive that some feel their chances of getting hired this way are about the same as winning the lottery possible but not probable.

The real problem in job searching these days is reaching the decision-maker.  Most companies that post their jobs on the Internet or in classified ads require you to submit your resume to a "blind" or nondescript email or PO Box address normally in the human resources department.  This is the first step employers use to eliminate 95% of the resumes they receive.   This means that only 5 out of every 100 resumes ever reach the decision-makers desk.

THE OPPORTUNITY -- Just suppose for a moment that you have the names of the executives with the power to hire or create new positions, at every company you'd like to work for.   Would that speed up your job search?   Would that dramatically increase your chances of getting the job and career you really want?

VISIBILITY -- Unless your potential next boss knows you exist, you'll miss the chance to interview for job opportunities that best match up to your skills and qualifications.

GAIN MAXIMUM EXPOSURE -- Our research gives you the opportunity to place your resume documents directly in the hands of individuals that have the power to hire you or create a new position!

OUR COMMITMENT -- At Career Playbook, we take pride in helping you achieve your goals.  We are results driven and service oriented.  Your satisfaction is our ultimate measure of success.  It would be our pleasure to serve you!

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.


Position and Duration of Job Search

Sales Manager... Hired in: 3 weeks
Chief Executive Officer... Hired in: 6 weeks
Software Engineer... Hired in: 4 weeks
Office Manager... Hired in: 2 weeks
Director of Information Technology... Hired in: 3 1/2 weeks
Chief Technology Officer... Hired in: 7 weeks
Project Manager... Hired in: 4 1/2 weeks
Senior Production Planner... Hired in: 1 week
Chief Operating Officer... Hired in: 4 weeks
Quality Assurance Engineer... Hired in: 5 weeks
Senior Network Administrator... Hired in: 2 1/2 weeks

Here's what our clients have to say...

"I want to thank you for the great job you did on my resume.  Not only did you get it done quickly, I am getting lots of responses which is the most important thing.  And thanks for showing me how to stand out."
R. S. Sales Manager

"Career Playbook gave me the positive boost needed for my job search.   Highly professional and customer oriented.  I'm very impressed with your services."
M. G. Chief Executive Officer

"I am so grateful to you for providing the missing link to my job search!  Resumes, positive affirmations, and good karma may work wonders, but without the right strategy, what good are they?  Thanks for everything."
S. H. Software Engineer

"I bought your resume and cover letter.  I LOVE them!   I've only been in my search for 2 weeks, and I already have a job offer!  Thank you!"
H. L. Office Manager

"I have a job, Finally!   Over the past six months, the cost of trying to keep my head above water financially has run into the thousands.  My unemployment has run the gamut of every stress-inducing emotion imaginable.   It wasn't until I contacted you that my job search started to come together.  For me, Career Playbook has been the only successful method of achieving my goals, and as an added bonus it is also the simplest and most logical way to conduct a job search."
R. G. Director of Information Technology

"Many people told me to plan on being unemployed for up to one year.   Since contacting your company my job search has taken all of 7 weeks!  Everyone has given me positive feedback about my resume and cover letter in comparison to what I was using before.  I would not hesitate to recommend Career Playbook to help people in a variety of situations."
W. J. Chief Technology Officer

"I'm writing to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with the results I've had from my resume and coaching.   For the last nine months I've gone without a job offer.  After four weeks of using my new job campaign strategy, resume, and career advice, I have three!  I have to say I was skeptical at first, but after reading an article in The Orange County Register, decided to give you a try.   I'm so pleased I did.   Thanks to you, I now have options I never dreamed I'd have.  I can't tell you the difference it has made in my life to be able to work again at a higher salary!"
P. C. Project Manager

"Thanks for all your help.   You are very good at coping with my anxiety and extracting the problems that inhibited my job search.  I was amazed at how quickly I found my new job."
F. D. Senior Production Planner

"Career Playbook's resume writers and coaches have had a profound effect on my job search.   The positive changes I've experienced have exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could imagine!"
D. M. Chief Operating Officer

"I know I am going to have a great year, because since discovering Career Playbook I now have the direction I lacked.  Most important, my attitude has improved!   The knowledge you shared with me is really fantastic, and so powerful!   During interviews I just oozed with confidence.   Thank you so much for helping me find a great job!"
B. N. Quality Assurance Engineer

"Keep up the great work.   You offer a quality product with integrity -- very rare these days.   It was a pleasure doing business with your company."
R. A. Senior Network Administrator


"If you are looking to turbo-charge your job and career search to new and unprecedented levels, Career Playbook has the proven strategies and marketing firepower to get you there and get you there fast!"
W.G. - Employment Recruiter

Our resume and career services consist of custom designed resume writing packages, high-impact job search packages, database records of over 12 million companies, carefully targeted resume distribution, career coaching, and job interview coaching services.   In short, we can dramatically improve the quality and performance of your job search marketing campaign.

On the surface, resume writing firms appear very much the same, providing similar services and making similar claims.   The Career Playbook Advantage takes the form of unique processes and techniques that produce a total solution of fresh, up-to-date marketing strategies to maximize your success.  Let us explain how our approach can positively impact your job and career objectives.

When you partner with us and our professional team of resume writers and career coaches to plan, organize and execute your proactive job search, you can expect the following results:

1.  Preparation is essential:   How you respond to the 10 stages of your job search will determine your success.  Lack of preparation is the single most overlooked aspect of the job search and the primary reason most job seekers do not achieve their goals.  Our clients succeed because they are thoroughly prepared, well-organized and highly focused on their job search.  Career Playbook will provide a complete system of proven tools, resources and strategies to help you find the right job in the right career, faster.

2.  Expert resume writing services:   Our skilled resume writers will create powerful resume documents with carefully chosen words, phrases and sentences that quickly grab the reader's attention, and help them discover why it is in their best interest to invite you to an interview.

3.  More effective results:   Our proven methods can help you Win The Job Search Game by gaining a better understanding of how to market yourself effectively to prospective employers.   Learn how to successfully communicate under stressful situations involving multiple interviews with hiring authorities from CEO's to department managers, team leaders, peer groups and unexpected participants all attempting to determine your "fit" for the position.

4.  Shorter job finding cycle:   Assessment of your skills, interests and personality profiles will identify core strengths that produce the value you will bring to potential employers early in the job search cycle.   This essential information will help define your step-by-step action plan which is critical to guiding your job and career search to a successful conclusion.

5.  Raise the bar:   We provide all the right tools you need to quickly establish credibility at the highest levels.   Truly understanding how your skills, talents and qualifications can solve your target employer's greatest needs, challenges and desires will be far more powerful than what most other job candidates will present when applying for the same position.

6.  Uncover suitable employers earlier:   Your time and efforts are extremely valuable!  Determining potential employers early in your search will allow you to zero in on only those opportunities most appropriate for your career objectives.  This critical marketing intelligence will justify the substantial commitment of time and energy in thoroughly evaluating the employer's needs and preparing your proposed solutions.

7.  Make them want you:   Hiring managers have been known to alter job descriptions to fit the desired candidate's qualifications.  Quite often, employers feel the cost of not hiring a qualified candidate can be a costly mistake, especially if the candidate is likely to end up with a major competitor.   Companies are always looking for talented individuals whose efforts result in reducing costs, streamlining production, or increasing revenue.  When the right candidate is presented, an employer may even create a new position based on the person's strengths and qualifications.  They know that the right candidate will add a lot more value and profit than they will cost in salary and benefits.

8.  Deliver strong compelling messages:  We show you how to deal with any fears and intimidation, sharpen your communication skills, and deliver consistently articulate, poised and compelling presentations.  Gain the confidence required to effectively communicate your qualifications with enthusiasm, clarity and power.

9.  Develop influential contacts:   Create a climate of trust and respect through the utilization of a networking system where every conversation distinguishes you from the typical unfocused and disorganized job applicant.   Experience the satisfaction of having your networking contacts become actively involved in your search by providing critical details on job leads, industry trends and insider strategies to help you succeed.

10.  More job interviews:   Superior knowledge of your prospective employers needs, and the precise execution of your proactive job and career strategies, will enable you to differentiate yourself and your solutions from the competition.

11.  Interview for the right jobs:   By taking the time to research the right companies early in your search you are able to narrow the list of potential employers down to those having the best possible fit of jobs, culture and work environment.  This means that precious time and resources are spent investigating job opportunities that match up to your talents, skills, interests, values and personality.

12.  Negotiate to win the job:  The purpose of any negotiation is to achieve a "win-win" solution where there is no loser.   Both sides must feel that they are satisfied with the outcome and that no one feels like they have had to give up too much.

13.  The key to success:   The common link to every successful job search lies in the level of commitment one makes to achieve optimum results.  We will provide you with the tools and guidance, but you will have to do the work.  All it takes is the desire to find the job you can be passionate about, in a career you'll love!

14.  Always remember:   There is no one thing that's going to make you successful.   It's many things.  It's a process.   And without a well thought out and executed strategy that brings all the elements together, you will fail to get the job and career you deserve.

15.  Superb Results:   We will provide the tools, resources and strategies you need, to get that job offer, and Win The Job Search Game!

Resume Tune-up Special Offer

Do you want your current resume to showcase your qualifications and make you stand out from your peers? Do you want more interviews for jobs you are qualified to fill? If so, we can help you!

Our professional resume writers will make minor changes to your existing resume by focusing more on what employers are looking for, namely, the skills that qualify you for the job you are seeking. Our highly skilled writers also correct spelling and grammatical errors, and design a new layout with a cleaner, more polished, professional appearance.

Resume Tune-up includes:

  • Complete analysis of your current resume
  • Telephone consultation, editing, design and layout
  • Highlighting of your qualifications to make you stand out from the competition
  • Creation of a fresh new look with an improved layout and design
  • Emailing your resume document as an MS Word file (so you can make changes)

In addition, our resume writers will create an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) that retains the
exact look and feel of your original resume document across multiple platforms (MAC, PC, UNIX). This is important as it allows you to email your resume to anyone at any time - regardless of the type of computer they use.

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

Career Playbook Job Search Packages

What kind of job would you like to have?

Finding the right job is essential to balancing your work and personal life, and achieving long-term success. The key is in knowing where the most satisfying, rewarding jobs are and how to get hired for them.

Creating a plan to accomplish this objective is the critical first step to discovering the work you want to do and the life you want to live.

More and more, people from the entry-level position to the CEO, are concerned about their future. Many now feel they need an "action plan" to determine the changes that are needed to secure the job that best matches up to their skills, interests and career goals.

No one has ever been hired on his or her resume alone. To win the job search game you must be prepared to face the many challenges of today's tough job market.

Career Playbook offers job search packages that are designed to provide all the right tools you need to succeed in your job search. We know how to plan, organize and execute a proactive strategy that will spring your job and career search efforts into action, and get the results you want FAST!

Here's what the team at Career Playbook can do for you!

By choosing our services, you are selecting a partner who will listen, question, analyze, recommend and mentor you through your entire job search campaign. We will work with you to determine where you are in your career, where you want to go, and the steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goals.

We will help direct your research, prepare your resume and cover letter, and coach you through the all-important job interview. We will assist you with networking, managing stress and negotiating. Upon completing these steps, we will help you place your resume documents directly in the hands of the hiring authorities who have the jobs you want!

In short, we'll prepare you for winning the biggest game of your life...YOUR CAREER!

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

Recruiter Match


Put your resume in over 100 online resume databases with our new Recruiter Match service!

Our electronic resume distribution service has helped many job seeking clients find employment by placing their resumes into the hands of targeted recruiters nationwide.

We're pleased to announce that we're expanding our service and can now do even more for you!

With our regular service we are able to take your resume and:

(a) Electronically distribute it to over 4000 recruiters nationwide
(b) Post it online as a web page with its own URL address
(c) Post it into our Worldwide Resume Bank (searchable database)

In these competitive times, this level of Internet exposure is critical for those job seekers who wish to more quickly and easily find employment!

We now offer an additional resume posting service. With our new Recruiter Match Plus service we can take your resume and post it to more than 100 major resume databases on the Internet!

Imagine having your resume in ALL of the top searchable resume databases on the Internet, such as,,, Job Bank USA and 100+ more! These resume databases are searched daily by millions of employers and recruiters looking for new employees.

When you use our two services together, you will have the greatest possible exposure to employers and recruiters who use the Internet to find employees.

Our Recruiter Match Plus service accomplishes the impossible. If you tried to post a resume to 100+ resume databases (i.e. websites) on the Internet, it would take about 75 to 100 hours. An impossible task for most people!

However, with our service, we can do it now in less than 60 minutes!

And not only is it easy, it's affordable too!

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.


Position and Duration of Job Search

Regional Sales Manager... Hired in: 3 1/2 weeks
Account Manager... Hired in: 2 1/2 weeks
Project Design Engineer... Hired in: 2 weeks
Software Programmer... Hired in: 3 weeks
Marketing Director... Hired in: 5 weeks
Sales Professional... Hired in: 1 week
Materials Management Specialist... Hired in: 4 1/2 weeks
Business/Systems Analyst... Hired in: 2 weeks
Marketing/Project Coordinator... Hired in: 5 weeks
Senior Account Executive... Hired in: 1 1/2 weeks
Marketing Program Manager... Hired in: 4 weeks

Here's what our clients have to say...

"The resume and job search books I bought in the past all fell short in one way or another.  Investing in your resume and career services, however, gave me the perfect solution for my job search.   You got my search up and running in no time.  Thanks for helping me win the job search game!"
G. F. Regional Sales Manager

"Career Playbook takes a hands-on approach, advising clients on innovative ideas and strategies to improve their effectiveness and helping shape the entire job search."
L. T. Account Manager

"I'm happy to report that I've started my new job last month.  I feel more confident about everything in my life.   I have always been somewhat in awe of people who love what they do.  Now I'm one of them!   Keep up the great work!"
S. P. Project Design Engineer

"I am so impressed with Career Playbook.  I have recommended you to friends, family and co-workers."
C. J. Software Programmer

"You have made a real difference in my job search and my life!  I'm thrilled with the results."
H. P. Marketing Director

"You may be worth a lot more than what's shown in your paycheck.   However, unless you know what you want, are thoroughly prepared, have a well-organized game plan, and can show the value you'll bring to the employer -- there is little chance an offer will be placed on the table to negotiate.  Getting a bigger payday requires that you lay the groundwork that leads to successful negotiations.  By following Career Playbook's expert advice I was in the position of negotiating a great salary and benefits package."
M. R. Sales Professional

"I had to write to tell you about my success.  Although I believed in my capabilities, I was not confident with my interviewing skills.  When I saw a feature in my local newspaper about Career Playbook's resume and career services I contacted you immediately.  In just 4 weeks I found my new job.  There is no doubt in my mind that you played a significant part in this.  Thank you so much!"
K. M. Materials Management Specialist

"I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve.  One of them was to find a good job.  The position I had was not at all satisfying and management left a lot to be desired.  Over the next few months I made every attempt to succeed in my job search but I found it too difficult and gave up.  A few days later I happened to be talking to a friend who was celebrating her new job.  It turned out that she had faced similar frustrations and recommended I call you.  Sure enough, armed with my new resume and advice I found the job I was looking for.  For anyone who wants a better job quickly, I heartily recommend Career Playbook."
E. S. Business/Systems Analyst

"I am really impressed!   I'm blown away by the results I've achieved compared to another resume service.   The great resume they promised was never delivered.  All I got was hype.   Career Playbook delivers on their promises.  Thank you for all your help and delivering a superior product!"
A. K. Marketing/Project Coordinator

"I am more confident and finally headed in the right direction.   I feel better about the quality of my interviews now that I have a strategy.  I am very pleased with the services you provided and will not hesitate in recommending them to others."
M. H. Senior Account Executive

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellence of your resume writers and career coaches.   They really do make a difference.   This must be the easiest and most stress free job search method in existence and I wish your company the greatest of success in the future."
B. W. Marketing Program Manager

Career Coaching Services

Athletes, both amateur and professional, have coaches to improve their skills and play a better game. Actors, Business People, Educators, Politicians and Public Speakers utilize speech coaches and image consultants. WHY do they hire these coaches? SO THEY CAN PERFORM BETTER AND BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL!!!

Success in your career translates into making more money with a job you enjoy! Do you know what you really want in a job and career? As your personal coach, we will assist you in defining what you really want, then together we'll create an action plan so you can reach your goals quickly, in a career that is personally satisfying and financially rewarding.

A large part of your life is devoted to your job, so wouldn't you want the job that fits you the best? Energize your life by finding the job that utilizes your skills, talents and will be happier and more productive when you are doing what you really love to do!

What Career Coaching Can Do For You
Uniquely tailored to your needs!

What do you want out of life? Where do you want to be in 3 to 5 years? In 10 years? Are you ready to thrive in your work and take steps along the path leading to personal and professional fulfillment? Discover your full potential by breaking through barriers and achieving new levels of success you may never have dreamed possible.

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

Job Interview Coaching

Everyone experiences some level of stress when interviewing, but with our preparation techniques your confidence level will soar and thus your stress level will be minimal. We prepare you for the many questions you may face during the interview process. We don't teach you rote answers to questions, we explain the motive behind the question and help you formulate the right responses that highlight the skills you will bring to the job. We'll practice and suggest proven techniques that will prepare you for any interview!

What Job Interview Coaching Can Do For You
Uniquely tailored to your interview needs.

Boost your confidence and enjoy extraordinary success by knowing the tips, secrets and winning strategies of how to prepare yourself for interviews. Get the edge you will need to compete against the crowd of other job candidates by learning the skills of presenting yourself as the right person for the job.

Pricing.  Please call 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

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