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Job Search Strategy
To Get The Job You Want.
Tour Overview
1. Assess Yourself
2. Research Potential Employers
3. Establish Your Fit
4. Write Your Own Resume
5. Start Networking
6. Get In On The Ground Floor
7. Create Your Own Job
8. Informational Interviews
9. Interview Preparation
10. Tough Interview Questions
11. Negotiation Skills
12. The Key To Hirability

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3.  ESTABLISH YOUR FIT: Seek out introductions to those individuals who are doing the work you desire. These "insiders" are familiar with the type of work you want and can provide you with excellent sources of information and additional contacts, ultimately leading to the job and career you've been looking for. Narrow down your list of employers to those who have the job you really want, plus the management and people you find most comfortable to work with.

Develop Your Own Insider Information
Using the information gathered earlier, you should have a fairly clear idea of what industries and types of organizations are of most interest to you in a job search. Now you need to identify specific companies as your target market.
To be a "high priority" target, a company must meet these criteria:

  • It needs your particular skills, talents, or experience.
  • It "fits" your work values, work environment and occupational personality.
  • It is projected for growth at a rate compatible with your long-range professional goals.

It is not necessary that an organization have an existing job opening in order to be on your list of high priority targets. In a proactive job search, you are sometimes able to "create" a job in an organization that is a perfect match for your strengths.

Learn all you can about your targeted organizations. Begin to keep files of facts and clippings on the organizations you have targeted.
What do you need to know?

  • All about organizational changes --reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, downsizings
  • All about product developments --new products, changes in marketing strategy, expansion into new territories
  • All about employee changes -- new senior management, promotions, additions of new people
  • All about facilities -- signing new lease, moving to new location, remodeling or purchase of new equipment
  • All about trade show/convention plans -- which shows/conventions will the organization attend

What are you going to do with this information?

  • Look for possible problems you can solve
  • Look for gaps in the organization's base of knowledge, skills, or
    experience that you can fill
  • Look for "hooks" or "bridges" you can use to connect with a decision-maker
  • Look for specific, factual material you can mention in cover letters, conversations, or interviews that demonstrate your familiarity with the organization

The more you can learn about an industry or a particular company, the more you will be able to judge its potential as your next employer and find sources within your network who will help introduce you to key players.
Your goal is to stand out from the crowd with the competitive edge you can gain with thorough research and "inside information" that comes from knowing more about the decision-makers of a potential employer than your competitor's in the job search marketplace.

The competitive advantage will go to the job applicant who has taken extra care in researching the organization and its needs.

Like any sales/marketing campaign, the job search process is a numbers game. The more contacts you make, the more job leads you uncover. The more job leads you pursue, the more interviews you get scheduled. The more interviews you have, the more likely you are to get a job offer.

Yes, it is possible you will stumble on a job early in your job search campaign and which may quickly turn into a bona fide offer, but the likelihood of this occurring is similar to your chances of winning the lottery. It's possible, but not probable.

You are in control of your job search marketing campaign and you can make things happen. How? By following this formula to job search success: Contacts = Job leads = Research = Interviews = Job Offers

There is no secret on how jobs happen. Your contacts will help you uncover solid job leads. Some of those leads will convert into actual interviews. And, some of those interviews will produce job offers for you to consider.

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