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Job Search Strategy
To Get The Job You Want.
Tour Overview
1. Assess Yourself
2. Research Potential Employers
3. Establish Your Fit
4. Write Your Own Resume
5. Start Networking
6. Get In On The Ground Floor
7. Create Your Own Job
8. Informational Interviews
9. Interview Preparation
10. Tough Interview Questions
11. Negotiation Skills
12. The Key To Hirability

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12.  KEY TO HIRABILITY - research the company's needs, culture and work environment and create the best match of your strengths and personal attributes. You want to be viewed as being someone likable, who will fit right in, and is primed for success. This clear understanding of how your individual skills and contributions will achieve goals is critical to employers, and what makes them want to hire you.

You'll have the advantage over other job candidates who don't share the same energy, enthusiasm and desire to get the job and career you really want!

When you interview for the job you really want, your excitement, enthusiasm and "can-do" attitude will be real, and not some clever pretense, just to get the job. You will be motivated to do the job well, with the desire to continually learn and grow in the position, and provide the employer with a long-term commitment. How much of that positive emotion do you feel will be transferred to the interviewer?

We have all met people who love what they do. You can tell within seconds, they have a passion for their work, by the confident way they talk and act. Even body language indicates a person is doing exactly what they want to do. You too, can be one of these special people. Career Playbook will provide you with the tools and guidance, but you will have to do the work. All it takes is the dedication and commitment to determine what you really want to do, and the desire to want to find the job you can be passionate about, in a career you'll love!

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