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ABOUT CAREER PLAYBOOK is part of Career Related Inc., a leading resume writing and career services firm, whose team members have over 85 years of combined experience in the career development field.  Each team member is a Certified Employment Interview Professional and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. We are here to support you in every way we can.

We know how difficult it is to find the right job and career that best meets your interests, aptitudes, and objectives.  Whether you are employed, unemployed, entering the workforce for the first time, changing careers or re-entering after a long absence, our talented team of resume writers and career coaches can help you succeed in your job search campaign.

More than just a great resume and cover letter; we offer a complete system that provides the tips, tools, resources, and advice you need to hit the ground running.  Together, we'll launch your search and generate strategies to boost your visibility and make you stand out from the crowd.

In today's competitive job market, there are no rewards for second place. Our complete, systematic process is designed to help you achieve your employment goals and win the job and career you deserve.

Are You a DIY Job Seeker?

Most people try the DIY (Do It Yourself) job search approach -- they write their own resume, respond to Internet job postings and wait, and wait, and wait for something to happen.  Unfortunately, most end up with disappointing results.

As full-time job hunters and part-time resume writers, most job seekers have difficulty getting their resume documents opened, read and acted upon by hiring executives.  Nothing is more frustrating than allocating the hours of time it takes to prepare and write your resume only to end up weeks or months later without a job offer.

Your cover letters and resumes can be a terrific way to get your message out -- provided they address the employer's needs.  This is an area where most job seekers run into trouble.  Companies complain that they are swamped with hundreds or even thousands of poorly prepared resume documents every week.

HR Managers report that their departments struggle to keep up with the flood of new resumes and many are treating resume documents as they would "junk mail".  Paper Shredders have become the ultimate destination for 95% of the resumes that clog their departments.

Why do so many job seekers -- from entry level to C-Level executives -- use professional resume writers?
It's simple.  A well-written resume works.  Here's why.

Most job seekers overestimate their ability to communicate effectively as resume writers.   They fail to realize that HR personnel will determine in just a few precious seconds whether to continue reading your resume or toss it into the trash.

A resume is a very personal form of communication.   Even when you send your resume to many targeted employers, it must be relevant to each organization's needs.

Your resume should state immediately and precisely why you should be considered a top contender for the job.  Our writers will create short sentences with simple yet powerful words to quickly grab the reader's attention and hold their interest until they've read your entire resume document.

Remember, the easier you make it for employers to spot critical details and information vital to their needs, the easier you will make it for them to contact you for an interview.

Our professional team of resume writers will present your next employer with the precise information s/he is looking for, and provide you with the best opportunity to achieve success!


Our Resume Marketing System Will Help You
Win The Job Search Game!

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or you are a Fortune 500 executive, we think you'll agree that it's tough competing in today's job market.

In a time of fierce competition for good jobs, you will have to compete with hundreds of other job candidates with resumes in hand.  Therefore you can no longer rely on the career search techniques of the past to secure a position.

Today, it's a whole new ball game with new rules and a new playbook.

No one has ever been hired on a resume alone.   In order to succeed you must take advantage of a highly effective system of proven techniques, tactics, and winning strategies to achieve your job and career objectives.

Our Professional Team of Resume Writers and Career Coaches will guide you step-by-step through the 12 critical stages of a successful job search.   We can customize your search strategy to fit your precise requirements -- and help you overcome the issues, obstacles and challenges that prevent you from attaining your goals.

We know how to plan, organize and execute a proactive strategy that will spring your job and career search efforts into action, and get the results you want FAST!

Plus... You will gain the winning "edge" in achieving life-long success:

  • Enhance Your Own Unique Skills!
  • Discover What You Love To Do!
  • Get Paid The Salary You Deserve!
  • Enrich The Quality Of Your Career!

Always Remember... There is no one thing that's going to make you successful.   It's many things.  It's a process.   And without a well conceived and executed strategy that brings all the elements together, you will fail to get the job and career you deserve.

We will provide you with the tools and strategy -- to get that job offer --
and win the job search game!


Here's what our clients have to say...

"They get right to the point.   One of the few resume and coaching firms that will get you back on track FAST... efficient and reliable with quick responses to your needs.  I felt they wanted my success as much as I did."
G. C.

"Due to another downsizing and the emotional roller coaster that followed I was forced into carefully evaluating the pros and cons of my chosen career.  I came to the conclusion that although I enjoyed certain aspects of my former job I was no longer challenged by the work and the time had come for a career change.
"I heard about Career Playbook from an article in my local newspaper and gave them a call.   They charted the course of my new career path and gave me the emotional boost I needed to make the transition.  Once I knew the type of job I wanted, I began interviewing with two companies that had the right fit for me.   I was hired after my third interview.
"The difference between this job search and others is the confidence I had in knowing how to get what I wanted!"
F. N.

"You helped me through a difficult time in my life.  You guided me through the entire process.  By helping me assess my own situation, you helped me determine what kind of job was right for me... and the value I could bring to a business."
T. M.

"Your coaching was directly on-target, giving me innovative ideas and strategies to improve my visibility.  I received two offers within two weeks.  I never imagined it would turn out this well."
S. B.

"I had been job searching for some time.   Being in my 50's, I felt my age was working against me.  But you showed me how my knowledge and experience along with a well-executed marketing strategy could level the playing field.  I got the job I wanted... hands down, I give you a 10!"
H. G.

"I am writing to say how absolutely brilliant your career services are.   When I was downsized I was provided layoff assistance with a major outplacement firm.   But after three months without interviews I dumped them in favor of you.   Now I can get on with the work I enjoy rather than feeling lost in my job search.   The best dollars I ever spent!"
T. L.

"The tips you shared with me about interviewing success really work!   My fear and intimidation was replaced with confidence in knowing I was the best person for the job!"
D. S.

"Your interview coaching was extremely helpful... I felt so confident and the words came out so easily.   You have given me great advice that I will use throughout my career.  Once again, thanks."

"I can't remember the number of times I was turned down for jobs because of my poor interviewing skills.   I'd end up taking one lousy job after another because it was easier than facing another rejection.  But this time it was different because I really believed in myself.   Everything happened so quickly... I got the job I wanted with a great company in less than 72 hours!"
A. S.

"The very thought of an interview scared me to death.  After being turned down for a job I was absolutely qualified to fill I decided it was time to get some help.  A friend suggested I call your company.  Right away I learned that I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.   The problem had nothing to do with my qualifications but my lack of commitment to the job itself.  I realized that I was interviewing for the wrong jobs rather than ones that best matched my interests, skills and personality.  I've always wanted to find a job I'd love and you taught me how!   I highly recommend your services!"
V. H.

"I experienced a job search with and without Career Playbook -- there's no comparison!"
M. A.

Q & A about Career Playbook/Career Related Inc.

1)  How did you develop the 12 Critical Stages of a Successful Job Search, and why do they work?

About five years ago we began extensive research on the subject of jobs and careers. In particular, we wanted to address the following issues:

  • Why employers struggle in finding qualified job candidates
  • Why highly-qualified candidates fail to get the job for which they are applying, while others seem to breeze through their job search
  • Why are over 70% of today's workers dissatisfied with their jobs

We found the common link is that most job candidates are not actively involved or committed to their job search.   Most people don't take the time to determine what they want from their job.  In other words, work routines and activities that best match up to their skills, interests and personality.

Because of this they fail to carefully target potential employers who have the jobs they want.  They also fail to deliver compelling evidence in their cover letter, resume, and interviews of the value they would bring to the employer.   As a result, instead of getting jobs they want, they end up taking unsatisfactory jobs for which they are not well-suited, leaving them feeling frustrated and unhappy.

Obviously there are many factors that lead to employee dissatisfaction such as: management, overworked staff, salary issues, etc.   We however, focused our attention on the small percentage of job applicants who, regardless of economic upticks or downturns, seem to thrive in their quest for a new or better job.

These actively involved candidates succeed because they are thoroughly prepared, well-organized and highly focused on their job search.  Because of this, they tend to get better job offers more quickly than their less active counterparts.

Our ongoing research has culminated in the design of a process which guides one through their entire job search, step-by-step.  Our system provides job seekers with proven strategies on how to get hired in today's tough job market.

2)  How long does the process usually take -- from Stage One through employment?

That really depends on an individual's commitment to their job search.  Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get good results.   You also need to factor the spacing between each interview, which typically range from two or as many as seven, before a final candidate is chosen.  Having said all that we've had clients receive job offers in less than a week.   What it really comes down to is the individual's unique set of opportunities, and the urgency of the employer.

3)  What are the benefits of using your systematic method vs. other tactics?

Most people contact us after they have tried to find work on their own.  Typically, they have already posted their resume to online job sites, replied to classified ads, and called recruiters.   They found that something was missing because the tactics they used in the past to secure a position aren't working today.  Instead of giving up they decided to re-think their strategy and develop a more effective way to compete for the jobs they want.

The good news is, even though the once rapid pace of the job market has slowed, there are still plenty of good opportunities for qualified candidates who know how to get hired.

Our system provides job candidates with a distinct advantage.  Showing them all the things they need to do to find a better job, faster.

4)  I'm a baby boomer.   Will your system work for me?

Employers once favored hiring the young and searched for ways to ease older workers into retirement.  Today, however, growing numbers of companies are putting a premium on the experience, valuable contacts and maturity older workers have acquired.  And the companies are often willing to pay premium salaries to attract those over 50.

Years of surveys and opinion polls show that Human Resource Managers view older workers as loyal, conscientious, dependable, thorough, service-minded, with a sense of good judgment, and knowing they have to give in order to receive.

Plus, older workers have fewer on-the-job accidents and are likely to have a higher level of commitment to the organization than younger workers do.

Today's job market is making it more difficult, but not impossible to find work.  Answers to most problems are simple and not as complicated as one may think.  Be aware that if the will and commitment is strong enough, "the how" of succeeding in your job search will take care of itself.

5)  What is the key to a successful job search?

The success of your job search campaign can be framed in the following words: knowledge, preparation, and rapport.  When combined with a positive attitude, these three little words will help you get anything you want in life, including your next job.

Our challenge is to take a person who has faced frustration and disappointment in their hunt for a new or better job, and turn them into a job-seeking machine with direction and strategies on how to win the job search game!

Best Regards,
The Career Playbook Team

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